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UFC Fairfax: Scorecards for Al Iaquinta vs. Jorge Masvidal decision revealed

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Did judge Doug Crosby's reported personal beef with Ray Longo influence his decision to award Jorge Masvidal a 30-27 win over Longo-trained Al Iaquinta at UFC Fairfax?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Masvidal was obviously quite upset with the split decision loss vs. Al Iaquinta in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs. Lamas. All 3 judges scored the opening round for Masvidal, who nearly finished Iaquinta late in the closing seconds and busted him up with a big cut on his right cheek. Judges Cardo Urso and Dave Tirelli gave the remaining rounds (and therefore the fight) to Iaquinta, while Doug Crosby scored 30-27 in favor of Masvidal. Check out the scorecards below, courtesy of Luke Thomas of MMA Fighting:

Yes, Doug Crosby is the same judge who scored Edgar vs. Penn I 50-45 for Edgar and earlier this year turned in 30-27 for Cathal Pendred over Sean Spencer at UFC Boston in what is frontrunner for worst decision of 2015. But there is another potential story that has emerged out of this regarding Crosby's history with Ray Longo, who is Iaquinta's trainer. Ariel Helwani says that Crosby has had a long-standing issue with Longo.

If this is indeed the case and the potential for biased scoring was always in the picture, then this is definitely a problem. At least for Iaquinta, it didn't cost him the fight, although in Crosby's defense, scoring the fight for Masvidal isn't atrocious, but I personally didn't see a solid case for 30-27.