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UFC Fight Night 63: Michael Chiesa vs. Mitch Clarke full fight video highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC Fight Night 63 feature fight between Michael Chiesa and Mitch Clarke.

An entertaining scrap between Michael Chiesa and Mitch Clarke took place on the main card of the UFC Fight Night 63 event that ended in a clear unanimous decision victory for the Washington native.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the third round:

Clarke closes distance with a front kick, then lands two light low kicks and a glancing Superman punch. Chiesa answers with a left. Clarke throws a one-two and closes with a grazing body shot. Hook/cross combo bounces off the guard of Chiesa. Now it's a left hook and an uppercut from the rejuvenated Clarke. Chiesa fires back with a combo after almost catching Clarke's kick.

Clarke keeps the pressure on with punches and half-lands a right high kick. Jump knee from Chiesa glances off Clarke's chin. Hard counter left hook from Clarke, then a snapping jab. Right body kick from Clarke, who's stolen the momentum but needs a finish. Chiesa keeps him honest with a stiff counter. Left cross lands for Chiesa. Lead uppercut glances for Clarke. Double left body kicks score for Chiesa but he's just short on his spinning kick. 10-9 Clarke. I have it 29-27 Chiesa.