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UFC Fight Night 63: Al Iaquinta vs. Jorge Masvidal full fight video highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC Fight Night 63 co-main event between Al Iaquinta and Jorge Masvidal.

The co-main event of the UFC Fight Night 63 saw Al Iaquinta and Jorge Masvidal take part in an entertaining back-and -forth contest that ended in a split decision.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight:

R3: Masvidal glances with a body kick and then digs another one deep into Iaquinta's ribs. Iaquinta counters Masvidal's low kick with a nice one-two. Masvidal responds with a left jab/hook medley, landing the latter. Another left kick to the body scores for Masvidal, who backpedals to stay just out of range of Iaquinta's counter fire. Steady work from Masvidal's left hand to dictate range. Outside low kick for Iaquinta. Masvidal answers back shortly after, the has a left high kick blocked. They exchange words and Iaquinta pops Masvidal hard in the mouth, then tries a flying scissor entry into a leg lock after Masvidal waves him in. Iaquinta keeps wading into range and scores at the end-trajectory of his right hand on consecutive occasions. More range management with the lead left for Masvidal, then a jumping switch kick to the body. Iaquinta scores with a pair of low kicks. 10-9 Masvidal. I have it 30-26 his way.

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