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UFC Video: Al Iaquinta curses at fans after hearing boos from controversial decision against Jorge Masvidal

Whoops. Watch an emotional Al Iaquinta curse at fans as the crowd booed a contested decision.

Al Iaquinta won a contested split decision win over Jorge Masvidal at the co-main event of UFC: Fairfax. After getting dropped and hurt earlier on, Iaquinta fought hard and improved as the fight went on but many fans felt that he may not have done enough.

One judge scored the fight 30-27 to Masvidal, while the two others scored it 29-28 for Iaquinta. As the decision was announced the crowd booed, and an emotional Iaquinta flipped.

"Are you guys booing me?! You better not be booing me! I fucking fought my ass off," he said during the post-fight interview. "Fuck you! I fought my ass off tonight."

Iaquinta is indeed correct that the scores weren't his own doing, and he shouldn't be booed for it, but the UFC will not be too happy with the amount of cursing he did on Fox Sports.

Masvidal, who the crowd felt earned the judges nod, also went on a cursing spree cageside. Luckily for the UFC, this wasn't captured on camera.