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Gustafsson believes the UFC ‘did the right thing’ to strip Jones of title: ’This is a favor to him’

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Former UFC title challenger Alexander Gustafsson posted a video message where he delved into the Jon Jones fiasco that took place over the past few days.

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Much has taken place over the past few days: Jon Jones found himself the cause of a hit-and-run accident, charged with a felony, and finally, stripped of his UFC light-heavyweight title and suspended indefinitely by the promotion.

It was a dramatic fall for one of MMA's greatest ever fighters. And while some may believe the decision to strip him of the title without Jones getting due process in court was an exaggerated decision, several fighters have come out and applauded the UFC's willingness to set a new precedent on such matters.

The latest of these fighters is Jones' former rival, Alexander Gustafsson, who believes that being stripped of the title may be the awakening that Jones needed to pull himself together.

"I think [UFC] did the right thing," Gustafsson said in a video post on Facebook (h/t "That was the only thing that they could have done, because so many things Jon Jones has been doing and he's been getting away with stuff, so how far can he go? It doesn't do him a favor doing that. This is a favor to him. That you show that this is not acceptable, that you can't continue doing this while you're having the world title. You have to represent the sport well, you have to be a role model for young kids. You're the ambassador for the sport globally basically."

Gustafsson added that even though the decision to strip the champ was the right call, it was still a "tragic situation" for the sport overall. Gustafsson had gone on record several times and stated that his only interest is to rematch Jones for the title. That now seems like nothing more than a distant pipe dream.

"I don't really know. I'm just taking one fight at a time. I want that title shot, I want that belt and that's my main goal. That's why I'm doing this, so I'm just waiting and see. I'm very excited for that fight — Anthony [Johnson] against DC [Daniel Cormier] and lets see what happens. I'm on standby."

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