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The MMA Prospectus: UFC Fight Night Fairfax, MW's, and the ideal prospect starting point

Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are once again joined by Sherdog's Patrick Wyman to discuss the world of prospect development in MMA.

It was an off week for developing MMA talent. Not only did we not get many hot prospects fighting last week (what with there being no UFC shows) we didn't get many upcoming fighters to talk about this week. UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs. Lamas isn't a bad card. In fact, it's a really highly competitive card, but there aren't many highly touted young fighters on it.

So, in an off week for MMA, we're talking about the newly completed Middleweight Scouting report, and most particularly Phil Hawes and Khalil Rountree. We're also taking a look at Pat's recent Sherdog Prospect Watch article, highlighting the ten best rising talents in the game. Last, but not least, we're taking a whack at a reader question: What do we think of the idea of "MMA Natives" (fighters who started out in MMA as their base skill set) vs. wrestlers/kickboxers/grapplers/etc. as potential prospects? Are we going to ever see the rise of the MMA native as the dominant top tier fighters?

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If you hate beauty but love noise, here's the audio only link: prospectus fairfax AUDIO ONLY