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Wanderlei Silva complains about UFC's rights usage for Round 5 action figure

Suspended fighter Wanderlei Silva has kept up his assault against the UFC, this time questioning their use of his likeness for an action figure that he gets no proceeds from.

Didier Baverel/Getty Images

Wanderlei Silva isn't about to go away quietly. The longtime Pride and UFC fighter received a lifetime suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission last year for avoiding a drug test, and doesn't understand why the UFC is keeping him under contract. He has accused them twice of employing a "slavery system" to keep him from working elsewhere, and turned to Facebook today to fire a new volley in the UFC's direction. This one is in regards to a Round 5 action figure, a part of their "Ultimate Collector" series:

Wanderlei Silva Action Figure

How much you pay for The fighters to do That @danawhiteufc ? I can say noting we no recive noting to This event use our image,and now in the finich of the Carrie we can work in anyplace,I am a sleve of this event,I don't work for this guys anymore!!!

That's typical Wandy English. Basically (I think) he's saying that things like this action figure do nothing for fighters since they get none of the proceeds, and he doesn't even work for the UFC anymore. We'll ignore the fact that he didn't tag Dana White correctly, and spelled "slave" wrong.

The UFC hasn't commented on the issue yet, and I wouldn't expect them to. Silva does raise an oft-repeated question about UFC fighters lacking ancillary rights for their likeness, but I doubt that he is going to be the one that breaks the issue wide open at this point.

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