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Anderson Silva's physical trainer on PED accusations: 'I don't believe Anderson is to blame, at all'

Anderson Silva's physical trainer and friend, Rogerio Camoes, talks about how he believes Anderson is innocent of his doping accusations and how his absence impacted himself and others on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Rogerio Camoes, Anderson Silva's physical trainer and also one of his closest friends, doesn't believe he is guilty of any of his doping accusations. What he does believe in, though, is people will change their minds about the subject once their hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission, scheduled for April 9, takes place.

"I think that when that day comes, everything will be cleared up and everyone will be aware of what happened" He told Portal do Vale Tudo. "Most people already know Anderson would never take anything to fight, simply because he doesn't need to. A guy who trains like he does, with his conditioning and who has always been clean doesn't need to do anything to go up there and do what he loves. No matter what happened, I'm calm and my conscience is clean. I don't even believe Anderson is to blame, at all".

Camoes was a key member of Anderson's team on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, which starts this Sunday. When Silva needed to leave the show because of the scandal, Camoes confessed he felt like doing the same.

"We were really bummed out by it. We all wanted Anderson to be there. Not only the fighters, but the coaches as well. He deserved to be there. The only reason I didn't leave too was because of Rodrigo Minotauro, I feel like he's the only one with such a legacy to replace Anderson.  I'm sure he'll be invited to do another show once all this blows over. I'm sure that's how everybody in the UFC sees it, especially Dana White. I think that Anderson will always be a big missing part of the show if he never does it again".

Anderson Silva tested positive for illegal substances Drostanolone and Androstane during a pre-fight screening on January 9, for his fight against Nick Diaz on UFC 183. Later on, in February, he also tested positive for medications Oxazepam and Temazepam, which treat anxiety and sleep deprivation, respectively.

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