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Florian mocks Aldo, Cormier not impressed with McGregor's antics: 'I'd have punched him'

UFC hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier provide their contrasting reactions to McGregor's audacious behavior exhibited at the Dublin press conference.

Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian recently hosted FOX Sport's @TheBuzzer show. The broadcasted snippet revealed their entertaining reaction to Conor McGregor's chaotic behaviour at the passing press conference in Ireland's capital. In case you missed it, the featherweight title-challenger swiped Jose Aldo's prized belt from under his own nose during the final stages of the UFC's exhaustive world tour.

Kenny Florian mocked Aldo's reaction to the Dubliner's sneaky belt grab and portrayed the champ as a child desperately trying to reclaim his favorite toy. 'Give it back, give it back', joked Florian with his arms wailing in the air like a disgruntled toddler. Once a former foe of Jose Aldo, KenFlo went on to say, "I would have just been like - Dude, you can have that belt all you want, you know that's mine. I own that thing, you're gonna have to go out there and beat me to get it. He should have just stayed calm and laughed at him."

A stark contrast of opinion was expressed by co-host and proud Olympian Daniel Cormier. The 205lb championship aspirant claims he would have lost his cool with McGregor's cheeky antics:

"If it was me, we are in Ireland so the Nevada State Athletic Commission does not oversee that -- I would have punched him, directly in his face and said 'get your little grubby hands off of my title!'"

(Transcript via MMAmania)

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