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UFC 189 Video: Conor McGregor reads mean tweets: 'I will wipe my tears with my money'

Watch UFC contender Conor McGregor read and respond to his mean tweets.

Conor McGregor did a popular segment called 'mean tweets' as he read and responded to a series of insults and comments made by MMA fans on social media. Watch the segment above produced by BT Sport. Of course, for more tweets from actual fighters themselves, you can always catch our weekly twitter round up called How's Taste My Tweet Tweet?

McGregor faces Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight championship at UFC 189, and here's some of our coverage from the fight:

Chad Mendes claims that if he was Aldo, he would have punched McGregor 'right in the f-cking face'

UFC 189 World Tour Recap: A closer look into the Conor McGregor Show

Rafael dos Anjos better watch out, because Conor McGregor says: 'I'll come and get you'

Jose Aldo: I know Conor McGregor 'has always been juiced'

Conor McGregor suggests move to lightweight following UFC 189, would fight Khabib if necessary

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