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Tweet of the Day: Jose Aldo misses flight back home

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had to wait one more day before he could start his training camp as he missed his flight back to Brazil. Aldo himself posted the news on his Instagram.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

After a rather never-racking World Tour alongside Conor McGregor, all Jose Aldo wanted was to come back home.

Eager to arrive in Brazil to start his training camp, of all things, he did not anticipate missing his flight and being stuck in Dublin for one more day which left him waiting on the airport floor as he posted on his Instagram.

"After a incredible long tour it was time to go home, but unfortunately I missed my flight and a day of training. At this time, everyone else is already home, except for my trainer Alex Chadu and my friend Rafa Corassa. Without him, I would still be sitting on the airport floor. I got very sad because of all this, but I'm still and always will be the champ. I am the greatest", wrote Aldo.

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor are scheduled to fight for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 189 in Las Vegas on July 11.

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