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Makdessi looks to clear his name after Fear the Fighter fiasco, was ‘never involved in the business’

UFC lightweight John Makdessi delves into the Fear the Fighter debacle on The MMA Hour.

John Makdessi may have earned one of the more impressive victories on the UFC 186 card, but the win will be tainted with a looming lawsuit against him and the MMA apparel brand of which he is listed as president.

Over the past few months, several fighters have accused Fear the Fighter of not paying them for sponsorships. The most prominent amongst them is Gegard Mousasi, who filed a lawsuit against Makdessi, his brother David, and the brand ahead of the lightweight's UFC 186 match-up against Shane Campbell.

However, while Makdessi is technically the company's president, he claims that he has never been involved with the business side.

"I'm tired of people pointing fingers at me," Makdessi said. "I just wanted to clear that up. I was never involved in the business. They sponsored me, my brother helped me, took care of my sponsorship, he helped with the management side of my career, that's it. That was my only involvement with Fear the Fighter."

"I was never involved in the business aspect of Fear the Fighter. Yes, my older brother David Makdessi, yes I was part of Fear the Fighter. I was the inspiration behind it. But the whole team, there was so many people involved in Fear the Fighter, a lot of parties."

While he claimed no part in the ongoing controversy, Makdessi also suggested that other parties could be at fault as well.

"The fighters are yelling and screaming out numbers," said Makdessi, who was not sponsored by FTF for UFC 186. "But we don't know what the managers are doing, you know how it is in this business. The business, can be, a lot of people are not telling the truth. People are throwing out numbers and pointing fingers. I understand, it's the name of the game, people want to blame people. I understand that. I'm a fighter. I know it's a lot of sting behind it. That being said, it's very unfortunate what's happened with all the fighters and there's a lot of speculation, but I just want to clear my name.

"I can't speak for my brother or any other person, all I can do is speak for myself. I was a sponsored athlete, I was never a part of the business. That was my part."

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