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Should the UFC strip Jon Jones? The Bloody Elbow Roundtable discusses

Jon Jones hasn't gone to trial yet, but some people are already calling for his title to be stripped. Is that the right move?

via KOAT

No matter how this whole thing washes out, it looks like Jon Jones is in a lot of trouble. Even if he gets cleared of any charges, there are going to be a lot of fans, pundits, and even fighters, that are going to feel like he deserves some sort of punishment. Following the issue of a felony arrest warrant for Jones' involvement in a hit and run accident, which left one woman with a broken arm, Jones turned himself over to the Albuquerque Police Department.

    Kid Nate and Dallas Winston give their take on the Jon Jones mess and what the UFC should do about it.

He's already out on bail and set to go to court for the next leg of the legal process today, after which we should get a better sense of the time frame over which Jones will be facing the charges against him. Still, that doesn't mean that the court of public opinion isn't open for business. Chuck Mindenhall over at MMAFighting weighed in with his opinion, that the UFC needs to send a public message, that they won't stand behind Jones's behavior and that they should strip him of the title. It's a strong position to take this early in the game, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. Where does the Bloody Elbow staff stand?