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Jon Jones hit-and-run case being monitored by Nevada Athletic Commission

The Nevada Athletic Commission is monitoring UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones following a hit-and-run on Sunday.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones may have bailed himself out of custody in approximately three hours time on Monday night, but he will certainly have to deal with far more from the Nevada Athletic Commission over the coming weeks.

According to, the NAC plans to monitor the light-heavyweight champion's hit-and-run incident as details continue to emerge.

"We'd be keeping an eye on any unarmed combatant alleged to be in an incident such as this," Executive Director Bob Bennett said.

However, he added that there is currently not enough evidence to deny Jones a license in the State of Nevada. However, he will be called upon to present himself ahead of the commission, where the commissioners and chairman will then determine the outcome or punishment.

"It would all depend on the facts of the case," Bennett said.

The police report revealed that Jones had run a red light and caused a three-car accident that involved a pregnant woman. It also stated that a witness had seen Jones allegedly grab "handfuls of cash" before fleeing the scene of the accident. A "marijuana pipe with marijuana inside it" was also found in a car with Jones' paperwork with "information on it from the state of Nevada." also learned that Jones had already passed several out-of-competition drug tests but those do not encompass recreational drugs.

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