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Rashad Evans would grant Rampage a rematch, says he'd hand him a 'highlight reel knockout'

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The former UFC champion wasn't impressed by Quinton Jackson's UFC 186 performance.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

After his UFC comeback win over Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186 last Saturday, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson stated he would love to have rematches with every UFC fighter that beat him, including arch enemy Rashad Evans.

But Evans, who worked as an analyst for the event on the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show, didn't seem to be too impressed by Rampage's performance.

"I would definitely give 'Rampage' a rematch," Evans said. "That's a fight I'd really like to have. He came out there, he kind of looked alright. He had [some] things going on, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But I'll tell you what. If that 'Rampage' gets in front of me, woooo, I'm gonna highlight reel knock out on him."

Rampage and Evans fought at UFC 114 in 2010, with Evans earning the unanimous decision victory after three rather uninspiring rounds. Since then, he went 4-2 in the UFC, including a loss to light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. He has been inactive since 2013 due to a series of injuries. Jackson also went on to fight champion Jones and lost, and ultimately left the UFC for Bellator after two more consecutive defeats.

"I think Rampage needs to get back to the old Rampage, picking people up and slamming them," Jackson said. "That's how he's gonna be a contender, to really break into the top five and to be a threat in this weight class."

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)

Before Rampage can get back to his old self from the Pride era, he likely faces some "legal troubles", according to UFC president Dana White, since his Bellator contract is still valid and he decided to self-terminate it due to an alleged breach of contract.