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UFC 186 - Inside the Guard: In-Depth look at Demetrious Johnson's Side Control

T.P. Grant runs down the major fights of UFC 186 and breaks down Demetrious Johnson's side control attacks.

T.P. Grant takes a look back at UFC 186 and UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson's successful defense of his title.

Troubles with the player? Watch it on YouTube. And you are into audio only here is the Podcast Link

T.P. talks over:

  • Long term impact of the lack of interest on card for Johnson
  • Comparing the games and aging of Rampage Jackson and Micheal Bisping
  • Thoughts about other fights on the card
  • In-depth look at the side control methods of Johnson
So it seems there was an issue with one of the videos I tired to upload. And as you can tell I recorded this before I was aware of Jon Jones news so yeah... dammit.

First off here is the link to the video that Conor made about rhythm in striking, it is really good. Watch it.

Here is the video that didn't load of the top side kimura, here is the full Erik Paulson video, and the Billy Robinison video.

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