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Fabio Maldonado disappointed in himself after loss: 'Couldn't do what I'm best at'

Fabio Maldonado talks about the frustration of his loss against Quinton Jackson at UFC 186 and how he deals with fan criticism.

Quinton Jackson and Fabio Maldonado
Quinton Jackson and Fabio Maldonado
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Fabio Maldonado is his biggest critic. After a somewhat lackluster performance against Quinton Jackson at UFC 186, a fight the Brazilian wanted since 2003, Maldonado feels he let down his fans and team and blames nobody else but himself.

"I won't give any excuses. I spent three months in the USA to get in there and not fight", he wrote on his Instagram. " I knew Rampage had one punch knockout power, so it was good to stall for a little bit at the beginning, but I lacked initiative and that's a big mistake. I wasn't tired, untrained or rocked, I was just fighting for five rounds instead of three. My team helped me and I can only thank them all for the support. I even kicked and took him down, but I couldn't do what I am best at".

Jackson, who claimed to be surprised by Fabio's chin, made Maldonado bear the weight of the loss a little better.  As much as he welcomes the constructive criticism, he believes some fans just don't want to see him happy.

"I read all of the constructive criticism, of course.  Many times they're from people who want the best, but some are from people who do not want me to be happy. If I had lost in any other way I would've been criticized. If I won it would've been because Rampage is old and washed up. And I'm 35 years old. Well, I'm disappointed in myself. I'll go back to Sorocaba, see my kids and think about everything right and wrong I did".