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UFC 187 headliner Jon Jones sought for questioning in hit-and-run in Albuquerque

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UFC 187 headliner Jon Jones is being sought for questioning in a hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but he's not been officially listed as a suspect.

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The Albuquerque police department has provided some clarification regarding an incident involving UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. After an initial report of Jones being out of his UFC 187 main event vs. Anthony Johnson turned out to be false, Albuquerque officials told MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi that they are seeking out Jones for questioning in a hit-and-run accident earlier today:

A middle-aged woman's car was struck Sunday in Albuquerque, N.M., and the offender in the other vehicle fled the scene, per Albuquerque PD spokesman Simon Drobik. The case is currently under investigation and Albuquerque PD would like to speak with Jones regarding the matter. Drobik could not confirm if Jones was a suspect in the incident.

There is no warrant for Jones' arrest. The police are currently just seeking him for questioning. Albuquerque PD is still attempting to hash out all the details of the case.

"[We] don't know where he is right now," Drobik said of Jones. "We're trying to figure that out."

Albuquerque police also added that the woman was hospitalized with "non-life threatening injuries."

Updated report: Jon Jones in accident, NOT out of UFC 187 bout

Addressing social media rumors that illegal drugs were found in Jones' car, Simon Drobik said that those claims are false:

Bloody Elbow will continue to update the story as more details become available.