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The UFC's Top 5 Greatest Fights

The UFC is airing a special on Fox Sports 1 that runs down the five fights they picked as the best in the promotion's history. Check out the fights that they picked.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

What are the best fights in UFC history? Like rankings and legacies, this is something that fans continually debate about. There have undoubtedly been a bevy of fights that could make a top five list, but the UFC decided to pick theirs for a Fox Sports 1 special that aired a couple of days ago (and will undoubtedly be repeated at regular intervals). So, what was their top 5? Here's a rundown.

5. Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua, UFC 139
4. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard 2 at UFC 125
3. Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2 at UFC 179
2. Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night 33
1. Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165

There's a lot of recency bias here, but it's understandable considering every man on the list is still an active fighter and that's probably what they're trying to push. It is kind of surprising that they'd pick two draws, but they were pretty iconic fights I guess.

Personally I would have had Hendo/Shogun higher, for one. Does this list match up with what you'd select? Did they leave anything out that deserved inclusion?

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