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DISH Network not carrying UFC 186, future pay-per-view events due to 'contractual issues'

If you're a DISH Network television subscriber, you won't be able to order UFC 186 or future UFC pay-per-views.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

UFC 186 is just days away, but if you're an MMA fan who subscribes to DISH Network, you're out of luck for this weekend's show and future pay-per-views unless the satellite TV company renews its distribution deal with the UFC. In a statement released on Wednesday evening, the promotion confirmed that DISH won't carry UFC 186 due to "contractual issues".

"Due to contractual issues, DISH Network will not be offering UFC 186: Johnson vs. Horiguchi on Pay-Per-View this Saturday. While all other providers in the U.S. have come to an agreement on renewal terms, DISH Network has elected not to renew its distribution agreement with UFC. We have enjoyed a strong and productive relationship with DISH over the years, and while we're disappointed with their decision, we are confident that our fans will be able to enjoy this weekend's card through several other viewing options that you can read more about by clicking here. We remain hopeful that an agreement can be reached with DISH in the near future, but remain committed to ensuring that all fans have continued access to UFC events through multiple distribution options."

Dana White later posted the below image on Twitter confirming that DISH won't carry UFC PPVs:

According to Statista, there are roughly 14 million DISH Network subscribers in the United States. This news comes just 1 year after DISH pulled WWE pay-per-views from its lineup after the WWE offered its PPVs as part of their subscription-based online channel.

The UFC has listed ways for DISH customers to still watch future PPVs, most notably ordering the cards on UFC.TV or going through the "Watch at the bar or restaurant" option.