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Heavy Hands 48: Fighting in transitions with Max Holloway, Demetrious Johnson, and Lucas Matthysse

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Connor and Pat talk transitions, and the fighters who operate within them.

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What do Max Holloway, Lucas Matthysse, & Demetrious Johnson all have in common?

Patrick Wyman and I decided to tackle this thought on the latest episode of Heavy Hands which (and here's your answer) is all about fighting in transitions. When Matthysse threw punches at Ruslan Provodnkov, he did so with the express intention of catching Provodnikov in the spaces between movements. Likewise, Cub Swanson struggled to keep up with the rapidly shifting attack of Max Holloway.

And for Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson, the shifts happen not only from one technique to the next, but from one phase to the next. Takedowns, punches, clinch attacks, submissions--Johnson uses every opportunity to take his opponents apart. Will he be able to do the same to Kyoji Horiguchi this Saturday?

Oh, we also spend some time complaining about weight cutting. It sucks.

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