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'Jones doesn't like pressure,' according to Gustafsson sparring partner Adegbuyi

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has caused all kinds of problems for his opponents with his unorthodox and highly damaging striking abilities, but top GLORY heavyweight kickboxer Benjamin Adegbuyi thinks he knows the chink in Jones’ armor. Adegbuyi, who is a friend and training partner of UFC contender Alexander Gustafsson, believes “pressure” is the key to taking Jones out of his comfort zone and into the ‘L’ column, although he does also note that there are different approaches to striking in his sport and MMA.

Benjamin Adegbuyi in action against Hesdy Gerges
Benjamin Adegbuyi in action against Hesdy Gerges

His comments come as Anthony ‘Rumble' Johnson prepares to challenge Jones for the UFC light-heavyweight title. Johnson is bringing GLORY world heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven into his camp to sharpen his stand-up.

"I think Jones doesn't like pressure. Cormier was trying to put that pressure on him but I think his conditioning wasn't so good and after two or three rounds he wasn't able to do what he wanted to.

"Rico has good stand-up but Jon Jones' stand-up fighting style is very different to the normal style which most guys do. He doesn't fight like a kickboxer.

Maybe Rico will help because he is a big, technical guy and if Rumble can handle the pressure that Rico brings, that will be great for him and his confidence.

"But the style is so different - [Jones] is always running, moving. It is very different to a European style of kickboxing - we don't run."

Rumble faces Jones in the main event of UFC 187 on May 23. Adegbuyi will fight on May 8 at GLORY 21 SAN DIEGO where he faces the Brazilian veteran Anderson ‘Braddock' Silva. Their fight headlines the Superfight Series section of the card.

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He is currently 3-0 in GLORY and if he beats Silva will surely find himself in the title shot mix.

Adegbuyi was brought into Gustafsson's camp for the Jimi Manuwa fight, which ended in a stoppage win for Gustafsson, but was unable to visit Sweden to take part in Gustafsson's camp for his fight with Johnson because of family commitments in Romania.

"They wanted us to come out [to Sweden] and help with the preparation for the fight with [Anthony] ‘Rumble' [Johnson] but it was holiday period here in Romania and we had commitments with our families. We were really sorry about that, but we are still in touch and we will work together again I think."

Some video of Adegbuyi in action: