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Bisping picks Rockhold to beat Weidman: The champ is ‘getting a little smug up there’

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping believes Luke Rockhold will dethrone champion Chris Weidman when he gets the chance.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday, Luke Rockhold surged to the top of the contenders list at middleweight with a career-defining performance against former light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. Following his win, many predict him to dethrone the reigning champion Chris Weidman, including UFC 186's Michael Bisping.

"I'm not convinced on Weidman yet," Michael Bisping told MMAjunkie at a Monday media luncheon held to promote UFC 186. "I'm sorry. I'm still not convinced. No offense."

Bisping believes Weidman is allowing the championship gold to cloud his judgments and build on his arrogance.

"I know he's getting a little smug up there the longer he's the champion. It's starting to go to his head a little bit."

In the end, Bisping believes he will have the opportunity to challenge Rockhold for the middleweight title once the AKA talent usurps the belt later this year. Given that he is still convinced that a headbutt impacted the outcome of their last fight, he is looking forward to avenging to the loss and winning the title simultaneously.

"Luke Rockhold is going to beat Weidman later in the year. I'll beat someone in summer, and then I'll get my rematch with Rockhold. He head-butted me in that fight, and then this time next year, I'll be the champion. There you go."

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