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Brandao thinks Hettes stoppage was fair, but wanted to 'hit him more'

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Diego Brandao has no problem with his TKO win over Jimy Hettes, but wanted the fight to go on further so he could show more of his skills. He also still wants his rematch against Conor McGregor.

Diego Brandao snapped his two-fight losing skid with a doctor stoppage TKO against Jimy Hettes last Saturday due to a cut. It wasn't how the Brazilian predicted, but a win is a win nonetheless. However, DB can't shake the feeling he could have shown more than he what he was able to.

"I thought the blow hit him on the head. When he fell down, I saw the blood and thought it was a cut on his head. I only saw it was his ear when the fight was over" He told Combate. "I think he referee stopped the fight because his ear was hanging and if I had hit him again, he could've gotten an infection and that can be a huge deal.  Kudos to the UFC and the commission for stopping the fight. But speaking of me, I trained 16 weeks in Sao Paulo, that crazy city, so I wanted to wear him out more. I wanted to hit him more because I took a lot of shots in the gym.

Even though the clash only lasted five minutes, Brandao was still impressed with Hettes' ground skills and hasn't forgotten about his much wished rematch against Conor McGregor.

"I thought he had really good jiu-jitsu for a purple belt. He escaped my rear naked choke and even reversed me once. Kudos to him for coming all out", said Brandao. "Now I'll go back to training because I know Conor won't win his next fight.  Aldo is our champion, he will never lose to that guy, ever.  I hope Conor accepts this rematch one day because I was man enough to take it on short notice, he should accept to fight me again, because he's a man. I want to fight in his backyard, because it feels better to win that way"