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Roundtable: What's the biggest takeaway from Phil Davis signing with Bellator?

Phil Davis is now with Bellator after nearly 5 years with the UFC. What's the biggest takeaway from this signing? The Bloody Elbow roundtable debates.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

In case you've been out of the loop, Phil Davis is now with Bellator, having used his free agent status to hop over to the Viacom-owned promotion last week. The UFC chose not to match Bellator's offer, which means that a long-time top 10 light heavyweight who has headlined or co-headlined numerous UFC shows is now elsewhere. Davis becomes the latest top 10 fighter to leave the UFC, but unlike Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, and Yushin Okami, he left as a free agent as opposed to being released outright.

There are plenty of ways to dissect what is undeniably a major move in the MMA world, regardless of how you view Phil Davis as a fighter. The Bloody Elbow staff is here for real-time roundtable discussion on the biggest takeaways from this signing. You can follow along by refreshing the page periodically, and also respond to our thoughts in the comments section.