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Cub Swanson suffered broken hand and jaw in UFC on Fox 15 loss

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Cub Swanson suffered a couple of major injuries at the hands of Max Holloway in their UFC on Fox 15 featherweight bout.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cub Swanson didn't have the best Saturday night in Newark. The featherweight entered the octagon looking to shake off a loss in his last bout, and had a 23-year-old in front of him. But that 23-year-old, Max Holloway, put a beating on him and left him with some major injuries. Swanson tweeted about said injuries after the bout:

Swanson (21-6, 6-3 UFC) never really got much going in the bout, with Holloway using deft movement and a variety of offensive weapons to keep Cub at bay. He was eventually submitted with a guillotine late in the third round. Swanson hasn't said at what point in the bout that he suffered the injuries.

Swanson has dealt with hand injuries for years, having surgery on them before.