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Lyoto Machida on martial traditions in MMA: 'Your principles never can change'

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Lyoto Machida didn't have much to say about Luke Rockhold pre-fight, but he did have to a lot to say about his focus on the philosophical traditions of Karate and how the function in his MMA career.

UFC on Fox 15 takes place this Saturday, April 18th Lyoto Machida returns to the Octagon to take on Luke Rockhold. On the line is another potential title shot for the former UFC light heavyweight champion, and another name to a long and illustrious resume. But, that's not what Lyoto Machida was talking about on media day when he sat down with Phoenix Carnevale for an interview. Machida talked about his upbringing in Karate and how bringing a traditional philosophy to the cage can sometimes be a challenge:

It's hard to be like that, because everyone comes in different ways. Everyone comes... For example, some people, come from wrestling. They don't have a very traditional philosophy of martial arts. Then, it's hard to regress something like that from people that doesn't know. I grew up like that. My father is a master in karate. He always taught me the philosophy of Karate. When I'm talking about philosophy, I mean respect to willpower, self confidence. Those qualities, I think it's very important, not just for fighting, but for any person. Doesn't matter if you're a doctor, if you are a lawyer, or something like that, you have to have this philosophy.
When you have something within, it becomes more easy, you know? Then I raised and I grew up like that, because my father taught me everything. Then every day I try to challenge myself, everyday I try to respect someone, I try to know what is my limit. I cannot cross the line, I cannot bother someone, I cannot... I know my limits, you know, I know what I can do. Then I try to do, every day, stuff like that.
I think to keep my principles. To keep my principles, I think, is the most important thing. Every day, everyone change, it's normal, but your principle never can change.

Machida also gave Phoenix a look at his best stare down mean mug (not that mean). So check out the whole interview above.