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Herrig on fight week attire: I’ve always thought of myself as a superhero

Felice Herrig delves into her neurotic approach to costume selection for fight week.

Children all around the world grow up dreaming of becoming superheroes; Felice Herrig was one of those children, but a little part of her never grew out of it.

The talented strawweight competitor, who is scheduled to face rising star Paige VanZant in one of the feature fights on the UFC on FOX 15 main card, has always been known for her thematic costumes on fight week. On numerous occasions, Herrig has showed up to weigh ins draped in a super-hero themed outfit. She believes that is nothing more than an extension of her personality and how she views herself.

"I've always thought of myself as a superhero," Herrig told Phoenix Carnevale. "I'm obsessed with superheros. I do cos-play all the time. I've actually done Super Girl, Cammy from Street Fighter. I want to do something with Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat seeing as she looks just like me."

Apart from a keen interest in comic books and superheros, Herrig believes her well-rounded approach to the fight game is instrumental to her overall marketing.

"I have always looked at myself as an entertainer and a performer. It's not just about the fight itself, it's about the show, the total package, the whole image, the presentation. That is my way of looking professional.

It is a long, meticulous process, but one that Herrig deems essential to her mental preparation for a fight.

"Everything for me is kind of obsessive, from head to toe. Everything has to be perfect.

"I feel like if I look good, I fight good."

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