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Dana White: 'Any UFC fighter would beat Mayweather, including Paige VanZant'

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Dana White was recently quizzed by TMZ on Conor McGregor's bold remarks regarding Floyd Mayweather.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Conor Mcgregor thinks he'd 'kill Mayweather in less than 30 seconds' - Dana White agrees. Not only does the promotional kingpin believe McGregor would conquer boxing's pound-for-pound king in the Octagon with ease, he's convinced any fighter on the UFC roster would give the cocksure boxer a good drubbing. Dana White explained to TMZ how any UFC fighter (male or female) would "kick Mayweather's ass":

"Do you not believe that?! [McGregor would beat Mayweather] Of course. Any of these guys - [Dana points to UFC fighters passing by] he'd beat Mayweather......he'd beat Mayweather. All of these guys would beat Mayweather. Not just Conor, she'd [Paige VanZant passing by] beat Mayweather right there", Dana said to TMZ.

White concluded by assessing why Mayweather's boxing talents wouldn't be enough to compete with MMA's finest, as well as expressing his interest in the Mayweather/Pacquiao showdown on May 2:

"Boxing is just one thing. These guys do everything - every one of these guys would kick Mayweather's ass. I'll be there, I'm going [to Mayweather/Pacquiao] and I'm paying for my tickets - everybody's paying for their tickets."

Filipino's boxing stud Manny Pacquiao also believes that Ronda Rousey would topple Mayweather too.

Check out Dana's interview with TMZ below: