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Fabricio Werdum believes Velasquez injury was a strategy to slow him down

Fabricio Werdum believes Cain Velasquez wasn't injured and postponed the fight in order to slow down his momentum. He also talked about training with Lyoto Machida in Torrance, California.

Fabricio Werdum
Fabricio Werdum
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC interim heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum, doesn't believe Cain Velasquez's injuries really required him to stay away from the Octagon for so long.  "Vai Cavalo" claims it was more of a strategy to slow down his momentum before the title fight, but according to the Brazilian, that won't work.

"Cain Velasquez is very experienced, he is always walking forward and mixes his boxing with his wrestling very well" He told Portal do Vale Tudo. "He's very conditioned. To be honest, I don't think his last injury was that serious, I think it was more of a strategy. I don't think he wasn't able to walk or had to go under emergency surgery. It's just my opinion, nobody told me that.  I think he did it in order to slow me down a little because he saw I really wanted it. And I still do".

A neighbor of middleweight contender Lyoto Machida, Werdum also claimed The Dragon showed him some new moves he intends to use against Velasquez. He also believes Machida will win against Luke Rockhold.

"I was training with him recently at UFC gym in Torrance which is right by my house and his.  He's like a samurai, he really follows his Japanese traditions. He came over my house and taught me some front kicks and I intend to use them in my fight.  He's a great counter striker. He takes his time to find an opening before attacking.  Rockhold is also really good, standing up and on the ground, but I believe Lyoto Machida will win"

Cain Velasquez and Fabrício Werdum are scheduled to fight at UFC 188 on June 13 in Mexico City.

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