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Cain Velasquez's Coach Javier Mendez: Fabricio Werdum is 'going to get destroyed'

Cain Velasquez's coach Javier Mendez believes, the UFC heavyweight champion will hand Fabricio Werdum an even worse beating than he did to Junior dos Santos.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

After over a year of waiting, Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum will finally step into the Octagon on June 13 at UFC 188 in Mexico City. For Velasquez, it will be the the first fight in almost 20 months. According to his coach, American Kickboxing Acedemy owner Javier Mendez, the UFC heavyweight champion wants to return with an exclamation mark:

"That guy isn't losing," he said. "Cain's doing great. He's on point. He's looking great, physically, mentally everything's right. The goal with him, he wants to come out and he wants to make a statement. And that I will say. He's going to make a statement in that fight. So he's going to remind everybody why he's best. I'm being honest with you -- Werdum's going to get destroyed. That's just the way I look at it, and Cain's looking at it the same way. We're either going to stop him or we're going to hurt him really bad. He's going to get a worse beating than dos Santos if he makes five rounds, and that's a fact."

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)

Cain Velasquez handed former champion Junior dos Santos one of the worst beatings in heavyweight MMA history.

Velasquez and Werdum have been opposing coaches in the first-ever Latin American season of The Ultimate Fighter. A fight between the two has originally been scheduled for UFC 180 last October, but got scrapped after Velasquez injured his knee. Werdum faced Pride veteran Mark Hunt for the interim heavyweight championship instead, which he captured in the process. On June 13, Velasquez and Werdum will finally meet in a heavyweight title unification bout.

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