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Video: Full medieval knight fight from M-1 Challenge 56 in Moscow

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Watch the full knight fight from last weekend’s M-1 Challenge 56 event in Moscow.

On April 10, fans in attendance at the M-1 Challenge 56 event at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow witnessed the debut knight fight in their latest project, M-1 Medieval.

Following a largely positive response from the crowd in attendance, the promotion has released the entire fight for their international audience to view.

Dressed in red is Evgeniy Bedenko (6-1), a welterweight who represents the knight club Zapadnaya Bashnya (Western Tower) from Kaliningrad city. Bedenko's most impressive wins took place at the White Castle tournament and "Clash of Nations" tournament where he had become "vice-champion."

His opponent in black, Ivan Vasliev (11-3) is a two-time Russian champion (2013 and 2014), vice champion of "White Castle" tourney and multiple prize-holder of "Clash of Nations" in the one-on-one fight category.'s Karim Zidan provided commentary for the entire M-1 Challenge 56 card, including the knight fight.

Watch the YouTube version here.