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Michael Bisping says he was never offered fight with Jacare, calls out Souza's manager

Michael Bisping is not happy with Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza's manager, stating on social media that he was never even offered a fight with the former Strikeforce champ.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Michael Bisping is not a fan of Ronaldo Souza's manager right now, and he doesn't seem too pleased with some members of the MMA media either. Souza was recently looking for a new opponent for UFC on Fox 15 this weekend after Yoel Romero pulled out, and his manager Gilberto Faria tried to get Bisping to take the fight. That interview was fairly flattering, but he later said that Bisping "didn't want any of it" and "didn't want to fight".

As usual, it didn't take Bisping long to respond to that. This time he did it via Instagram, where he tried to set a record for most words spoken in a 15-second video:

"Jacare's manager has said I turned down a fight with Jacare. And now it is the headline on all the MMA websites. 'Bisping was offered JacareMMA fight but turned it down' that is complete bullshit. The fight was never offered, the UFC didn't talk to me at all. I have signed a contract to fight in Montreal on the 25th but if the UFC asked me, I would of done it. Just like I have every time the UFC asked me to step up. Jacare is a great fighter, but his manager doesn't need to tell lies to make him sounds like a bad ass. Have a word with him Jacare, he's full of shit. Oh, and by the way. When we both get these fights out the way, let's do it!"

He then posted a second video where he didn't have to speak as quickly, but the theme was the same - he says Jacare's manager is a liar.

A video posted by Mikebisping (@mikebisping) on

Unsurprisingly, Bisping didn't back down and said he'd gladly fight Jacare after his next bout, which is at UFC 186 against C.B. Dollaway. Without many other options, the UFC decided that Jacare will instead face Chris Camozzi, a guy that he he strangled in less than four minutes a couple of years ago.

Will Bisping fight Jacare one day? I'd probably lean towards a no, but that'd be an interesting bout if it did go down.

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