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Photos: Conor McGregor gets a tiger tattoo over his bellybutton

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So UFC star Conor McGregor got a new tattoo, and uhh... well, see for yourself.

McGregor in 2013, had significantly less tattoos.
McGregor in 2013, had significantly less tattoos.
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

It's still a few months out before his title fight against Jose Aldo, and Conor McGregor has apparently decided to get some new ink done. A tattoo shop from Venice beach has posted shots of the UFC contender, and it shows that he has added a huge tiger head over his bellybutton. Check out the photos below:

As seen on the top photo, McGregor has had a lot of ink done since his 2nd UFC bout in 2013. Ricardo Lamas poked fun on his 'giraffe' tattoo a while back, and I wonder if this will give him and his other naysayers extra ammo.