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Dan Henderson supports random testing, hints only him and Big Nog were clean back in Pride

Dan Henderson addresses the whole anti-doping issue and fully supports random testing for all athletes. The MMA legend also says he heard only him and Big Nog were clean back in the Pride days.

Dan Henderson
Dan Henderson
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Pride's welterweight and middleweight champion and Strikeforce's light-heavyweight champion, Dan Henderson has shared his rather interesting take on the whole anti-doping issue that has been such a hot topic lately.

As Hendo spoke on Rick J Lee's channel, he is a big supporter of random testing and wished surprise exams were around for a longer time, as opposed to only now.

"I've been saying for a few years they need to implement random, no-advance notice drug testing and that'll clean everything up.  Maybe not everything, but it'll rule the detour guys from thinking about doing any illegal performance enhancing drugs. If somebody can show up at your door at any time and tell you to pee in a cup or take a blood test, you're not gonna risk certain things. The way it was, I knew exactly when I was going to get drug tested. So if I was one of these guys who did performance enhancing drugs, it wouldn't be a big deal."

The issue is so big, Hendo went on to claim he heard people saying only him and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira weren't using any performance enhancing drugs back in Pride days.

"Pride was what it is. I asked about drug testing and they would always drug test you over there but it wasn't for that. It was more for recreational drugs, cocaine and stuff like that.  It was more for show and they commented that if they did it, me and Nogueira would be the only fighters they would have left.  Who knows what everybody was doing? All I know is that I'm happy they're doing it now".

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