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Video: Eddie Bravo talks about Conor McGregor's jiu jitsu skills after training session

Eddie Bravo spoke about Conor McGregor's skills in jiujitsu after the Irish star trained at his gym.

On the clip above, watch as Eddie Bravo spoke about Conor McGregor's jiujitsu skills. The highly regarded jiujitsu coach and innovator shared a story about the time the Irish UFC star suddenly stepped foot inside his gym to train.

"It's a good sign, and I saw it first hand, he has the mentality to be really really good at jiujitsu," Bravo said about McGregor.

"I'm teaching class one day, and someone was punching a bag in the corner. I look over, and said 'is that Conor McGregor hitting the bag in my gym?"

This was the first time the two have met, and McGregor was apparently in town to do promotional work for the UFC. He told Bravo he just 'needed a bag to hit' so he decided to enter his gym.

"So I go back to class, and within 3 minutes I see him on the mats and said 'where are your best guys?' I hooked him up with my best guys, and he just kept wanting to go with my best guys," he continued. "Nobody does that! No UFC guys do that. A lot of them come and say hi, and some of them train, but when it comes to rolling, they didn't want to roll."

"Famous UFC fighters don't generally train -- and I generally understand where they come from. They train in some gym where they don't know guys, and there will be cameras out, and maybe they'll go 'I just tapped out this guy from the UFC!' Guys from the UFC, they don't want that shit."

"That showed me that he has the mentality, that he's not afraid to grapple and train with whoever to improve his grappling. That's huge! From that point on, I'm like 'that's why he's good!' He's looking to evolve."

McGregor faces Jose Aldo for the belt at UFC 189, and his coach is so confident about his pupil's ground game that he has also made bold proclamations as of late. According to him, we shouldn't be 'shocked' if McGregor submits Aldo, because he's 'given hell to every black belt' in the gym