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Tito Ortiz: Ronda Rousey wanting to fight Laila Ali 'shows that she's afraid' of Cris Cyborg

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Tito Ortiz says Ronda Rousey being willing to fight Laila Ali who has 50 lbs on her, shows that she's 'afraid' of Cris Cyborg.

Tito Ortiz spoke to Fight Hub about a bunch of topics, including his plan of possibly competing against Bellator champion Liam McGeary and continuing his career without injuries. The most notable talking point that the UFC legend and current Bellator fighter brought up though, was saying that Ronda Rousey's willingness to fight Laila Ali was proof that she's 'scared' of Cris Cyborg.

"She's signed with Zuffa, and she fights in the UFC banner, but she fights for Invicta," Ortiz said. "If she can get down to 135, or if fans could kinda convince Ronda to make 140, which would make the most sense."

"Ronda saying she would fight Laila Ali was just crazy. Laila probably outweighs her by about 50 lbs. It doesn't make sense, but it just shows that she's afraid to fight Cris Cyborg. I think a 5 lb difference ain't that much. Cris says she wants to fight her, and she doesn't care about the title. She just wants an opportunity to shut her up."

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