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Georges St-Pierre after training with Freddie Roach: 'I'm getting the itch' to come back

Freddie Roach says he believes GSP will return for at least one more fight.

Georges St. Pierre recently spent time training at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. As he worked with the legendary boxing trainer in Freddie Roach, he apparently spoke about having the 'itch' to compete again. Roach sat down with Inside MMA about it, and said that he is confident that the long time welterweight champ will make a UFC return.

"I trained him 2 days ago, before he went home. I said, 'what do you think, are you going to fight again?' He said 'I'm getting the itch.'"

"I said, 'well if you do, make sure you're 100% healthy and everything is on point'. He said 'the only way I'll fight again is if you promise me you'll be in my corner'. That's not a problem. I do think Georges will fight one more time at least, and we will train very hard for that fight. Hard work pays, and he's a disciplined guy."

"It was funny. I was looking the other day at the locker room, and I said 'who left their gloves here?' It's GSP's. He'll be back. His gloves are in my locker room."

Watch the clip above where Roach also spoke about Anderson Silva's recent positive test.