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The MMA Prospectus: UFC Fight Night Krakow & a glance back at Fairfax

Zane Simon is once again joned by Sherdog's Patrick Wyman to talk about everything notable in the world of developing MMA talent.

We're back once again to talk about developing MMA talent. Frankly, there wasn't much of it last week. So much so that T.P. Grant has quit the show to go join a new age cult that revolves around worshiping tripped out Burning Man attendees. In the meantime, we're stuck talking over a passable Julianna Pena performance and not a whole lot else from last week. Fortunately, this week has more to offer as we discussed Bellator's Tony Johnson and Rafael Carvalho, a funky WSOF card, and Bartosz Fabinski, Damian Stasiak, Leon Edwards, and much more from the upcoming, prospect heavy UFC Krakow card.

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Also, send your love to T.P. his cult feeds off positive vibes... and massive amounts of peyote.