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Anthony Johnson to Alexander Gustafsson: Some people can't handle an ass whooping like a man!

Anthony Johnson's reaction to the statement previously made by Alexander Gustafsson doesn't sound very pleased.

Esther Lin

When Anthony Johnson stopped Alexander Gustafsson in front of his home crowd in January, not only did he beat him, he broke him and crushed his dream of a potential rematch against division kingpin Jon Jones. It's a huge fight that now Johnson himself will be contesting.

No wonder that Gustaffson sounded a little bitter when he stated yesterday that he could beat Johnson on six out of seven days. And understandably, Johnson was not too pleased to hear those comments, so he took to his Instagram to respond instantly, telling Gustafsson he needed only one day to "end his life and career":

"I'm big on respect in this sport, so I give it and expect it back. Some ppl can't handle a ass whooping like a man. You loss to Jon you talked trash after, you loss to me and you talk trash now After showing respect at first. So this is dedicated to you from me and that 6 out of 7 days... Like I said I need only one to end your life and career @alexthemauler I never showed you any disrespect ever and now you say this. That's some low class stuff right there if any class at all.

I'm fighting jbj and my focus is on him... he's the best ever and its a honor to fight him. So don't think one sec that Alex is distracting me! @alexthemauler remember this one too... You loss to both of us and still no respect. It's all good though, I'll still show you respect even if you don't show it back. This one is for the road courtesy of jbj @jonnybones."

Johnson ist set to face Jon Jones in a light-heavyweight title fight on May 23 at UFC 187, while Gustafsson will headline UFC Fight Night Berlin against former title challenger Glover Teixeira.