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UFC 189 Embedded episode 10: 'I'll run him over like a truck without brakes'

The World Championship Tour comes to a close in Dublin, where things get a little heated in front of McGregor's hometown fans.

By now, most of you have seen the press conference between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor in Dublin. It was the last stop of the UFC's World Championship Tour to promote UFC 189 and most particularly McGregor vs. Aldo. In front of the challenger's hometown fans, the stakes were raised for McGregor to make some sort of statement, to drive the point home that he could do anything he wanted to the champion. So, he stole his belt, right out from under his nose.

The UFC took it back, quickly, the men were kept separated, and despite a wealth of (potentially inebriated) fans jeering insults at the champion, for the most part order was regained. All told, it's been one of the most prolific bits of fight promotion in UFC history and a fitting end to a series of press events that have seen tensions rise at each and every turn. Check out all the behind the scenes footage from the last stop on the tour, and then try and hold your breath for the next three months.

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