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Cormier plans to 'mow through' Bader then call out Jones for the rematch

UFC light heavyweight contender, Daniel Cormier still has a score to settle with champion, Jon Jones.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

January 3, 2015 is a date that has likely left an indelible impression in Daniel Cormier's mind. It marked the first loss in his mixed martial arts career, and now, the desire to defeat arch rival, Jon Jones may be more intense than it's ever been. Even with a fight scheduled against Ryan Bader set for June 6, Cormier still feels there is a score to settle with Jones.

In an interview with and reported on by MMA Fighting's David St. Martin, Daniel made it very clear that the bad blood between him and Jones is far from over.

"There is no relationship between Jon and I," Cormier told "He won. He won on January 3, but that's pretty much all that happened. Nothing changed. Nothing will change and we will fight again. We'll make sure the result is different."

He further went on to state that he had issues even being in the same room with the champion;

"We were in one place together since the fight and we didn't really talk or see each other or anything," Cormier said. "It's whatever. I don't really have any desire to talk to him or try to end things or anything. I don't really want to be around him because I don't know what's going to happen, honestly. I can't say that I would not lose my s**t if we were around each other."

The vibes between the two are so negative that Daniel is already looking past Bader with plans to "mow through him pretty good" then getting on the mic to make his case for the rematch with Jones.

"Not very long," said Cormier. "I plan on mowing through [Ryan Bader] pretty good and I'm going to get back on that microphone and I'm going to scream at [Jones] again and tell him to fight me again. I said in that deal, 'This is a wrestling tournament.' I'm the kid who's always in the bracket."

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