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Jose Aldo on Conor McGregor: 'I will beat the s**t out of his face!'

The UFC featherweight champion fires back at his brash challenger and his outspoken Irish fans.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC 189 media world tour is over and it ended with quite a bang at yesterday's press conference in Ireland. Not only did Conor McGregor steal the belt of featherweight champion Jose Aldo once again, his fans have also been very "straightforward" at the Q&A session, to say the least. They basically insulted Aldo for the course of almost an hour.

But finally, Aldo took a page out of McGregor's book and fired back without hesitation.

"It's cool to see you all happy right now, but when I win the fight you're all going to bow down to me," Aldo said through a translator. "I'm the king of Dublin," Aldo said. "When I got here, it was raining, but I brought the sun with me. I'm the king of Dublin. I'm the champion."

Right after the presser, Aldo was asked by UFC Brasil, what went through his head when Aldo grabbed his belt for the second time in the last few days. And again, his answer sounded exceptionally hate-filled and aggressive:

"I didn't feel anything," Aldo said. "That's the best he can do because next time he's in front of me, I will beat the sh*t out of his face."

After twelve long days, the biggest media tour in UFC history has finally come to an end and both fighters will get back from promoting to what they are supposed to be doing: training and fighting. Aldo seems happy about that, but didn't miss to send McGregor a final message:

"Now it's time to go home, train and train," Aldo said in the video. "Brother, I will run through him like a runaway truck. I will smash him."

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