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Video: UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded, Ep 9 - 'Tell the queen, the king is coming!'

Watch the ninth episode of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded.

While Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor had the last stop of the their huge media tour yesterday, with a rather special press conference in Ireland, the latest episode of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded shows the events that happened one day earlier in London.

First of all: This is the first episode that seems to focus almost solely on Aldo, which is a bit refreshing after the recent McGregor overload. The featherweight champion is watching the Brazilian national soccer team in a friendly match against Chile and you can see how big he is in Brazil, when he enters the field of Arsenal London's Emirates Stadium for a quick chat with soccer world star 'Robinho'.

Later, Aldo has to take a ride on the famous Londond Eye, a huge Ferris wheel at the bank of the river Thames. He reveals that he is afraid of height, but after he finally got up there, he enjoyed the great view over London.

Of course, this Embedded also features another intense staredown between the two fighters. It ends with McGregor watching the last episode of the video-blog series, where Aldo promised to talk lots of trash in Ireland. McGregor laughs it off and says he is going to "smack him" when they get there. You can watch the whole video above.

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor will fight at UFC 189, July 11 in Las Vegas.

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