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Laila Ali says that no woman in the world can beat her, even Ronda Rousey

Retired boxer Laila Ali believes that she could defeat Ronda Rousey because Rousey is the size of her three-year-old daughter.

Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammad Ali and is undefeated in boxing with a 24-0 record. The 37-year-old has been retired from the ring since 2007 but has been doing some TV work, most notably as a co-host of American Gladiators. Over the weekend in LA, TMZ Sports caught up with Ali and asked her about one Ronda Rousey. Yeah, that Rousey - the undefeated UFC fighter who won her last bout in 14 seconds.

At first Ali takes the easy way out and doesn't try to make a comparison between herself and Ronda:

"That’s like a question I’m not even gonna answer. Because, for one, I’m not a UFC fighter. She’s not a boxer."

But then she did answer.

"And no woman in the world can beat me. Period."

Even Rousey?

"Of course not. She’s too much smaller than me anyways. She’s like the size of my daughter. My 3-year-old."

That's a huge kid.

Anyway, Ali was quick to squash anything on Twitter today after the story broke though:

So there you have it. Another Rousey challenge withdrawn. We can all sleep at night a little easier now. Rousey will return to the UFC later this year after she films a movie.

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