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UFC reserving Madison Square Garden for NY show around Christmas 2015

Rumors that the UFC may be looking for a debut event in New York late this year appear to be confirmed, as Dana White says the promotion has a date reserved in late December at MSG.

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While talks of a Brock Lesnar return are still purely theoretical, the potential of an MMA event in New York's Madison Square Garden, in 2015, looks to be very much a reality. Dana White recently appeared on AXStv, where he revealed that the UFC is holding a date at MSG, sometime in late December. From the sound of things, the Zuffa brass are very confident that this will finally be the year the legislation to legalize MMA in New York state makes its way through the House and the Senate and on the books.

You've heard me say this many times, and I'm gonna say it again: I'm very confident that it might happen this year. I'm actually really confident this year. Lorenzo, Lawrence Epstein, and a bunch of our... Mark Ratner, a bunch of our other guys went up there and they had great meetings. Again, every time we've gone up there, it's been very positive.

Everybody up there loves the UFC, everybody wants to see it happen. And hopefully now, with the recent events that have taken place, you know, maybe it'll get done this time. It's a union thing. It's a Las Vegas Culinary Union situation, and you can pick up the paper and read about this guy and you'll understand why we didn't get into New York.

As to the "guy" White was alluding to, House Speaker Sheldon Silver was recently arrested on corruption charges. He was seen by many to be the key roadblock to MMA legalization, and White didn't shy away from laying the blame at his feet:

It was blocked by him, and now he's got bigger problems than UFC. And hopefully we can get through.

So, just how confident is the UFC that with Silver gone an MMA bill will be passed?

I do, I think we will. I'm really confident and... Want to know how confident I am? We're holding a date. So, that's how confident we are.

I don't want to be cocky, but we're being confident. So, We're holding a date.

Imagine if we can do that this year. It would just be... We're already having the greatest year we've ever had in the history of the company out of the gates here. And if everything, like I said earlier, holds together (the people stay healthy, the fights stay in place), we're in for an unbelievable year. And that would be a great way to top it off.

Is this finally the year that all the chips fall into place? Or are we just being built up for an even bigger let down than ever before? Only time will tell.

Here's the full video of White's interview:

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