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Chris Weidman on Vitor Belfort's drug tests: 'I hope there's seven more'

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman responded to Vitor Belfort's whining about getting drug tested more than him.

Last week, UFC 187 title challenger Vitor Belfort had some complaints about the drug testing ahead of his bout against Chris Weidman. Basically, he didn't think it was fair that he had been tested seven times and the champ was only tested once. This despite Vitor's repeated issues with failed tests. In a recent media scrum (via MMA Fighting), Weidman diplomatically responded to Belfort's amusing complaints, turning it into more of a wide-ranging response:

If he passed seven pre-fight tests, that's great. I hope there's seven more.

Especially with this Anderson Silva thing, there has been a lot of bad press on the sport, but we're just gonna allow it to grow now. Sometimes bad things need to happen for the sport to grow and I think, starting in July, the sport is really going to start changing.

Earlier in the scrum, he also addressed the people that thought he should be stripped of the title due to his injuries (did anyone take that seriously?) and shed some light on why an interim title would have been an option. Basically, that was up to the UFC:

The stripped thing is crazy. I've been out six or seven months. That doesn't make sense, I just fought in July.

The interim belt was kind of more of a business thing that the UFC would do, and I didn't really care that much when I started looking at it from their perspective.

Weidman also gave some details on his injury, when he'll be 100%, Belfort choosing not to fight Lyoto Machida for the interim title, and a few other things. Check out the video for all that. The champion faces off with Belfort on May 23rd in Las Vegas.