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Knuckle Up #375: The Final Word on Ronda, Blood-from-a-rock-o-logy + How We Came to Love Mike Patton

Literary gunslinger Eugene S. Robinson lends his "one"-of-a-"kind" "perspective" to the seemingly never-ending RONDA ROUSEY misdirect and the reality of smoke-tistics and blood-from-a-rock-o-logy that frames how casino owners see the world and what this means for lovers of the MMA experience.

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In Round #375 EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "Stymie"], the mustached, muscled and murderous KNUCKLE UP host leaves no stone unturned in completing his exhaustive breakdown of how them in the power seats at the UFC think about the UFC, specifically vis a vis RONDA ROUSEY, and who she'll fight and when. Add to this the various peregrinations around ANDERSON SILVA, EMANUEL NEWTON, JOE ROGAN and most significantly worthless and not-noteworthy from an MMA perspective but because of popular demand: his erstwhile "friendship" with the estimable MIKE PATTON, singer for FAITH NO MORE. Yeah. We guess he cares a lot.

Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW [Robotic Boot] and a play called THE INIMITABLE SOUNDS OF LOVE; A THREESOME IN FOUR ACTS [Southern] also sings for a band called OXBOW and appeared in Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6 (and yes, a Cosby story is in the works), a Miller Genuine Draft commercial, and had his own TV show in Germany called? "The Eugene Robinson Show."

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And an amusing bit of video with EUGENE and BEN WEINMAN from DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN for his [Ben's] TV show on PARTYSMASHERS.

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