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Mother silences talk about Rousey vs. Cyborg at catchweight: That's a bunch of bullsh*t

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Rousey's mother, AnnMaria De Mars, weighed in on the possibility of her daughter fighting Cris Cyborg at a catchweight instead of at bantamweight.

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UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey 14-second submission victory over Cat Zingano prompted the same question in the minds of the fans in attendance, as well as pundits looking to pen their evening's article, "What could possibly be next?"

There is little doubt that Rousey has been spectacular since she debuted in MMA, and utterly dominant since she signed with the UFC. In less than two years, she has worked her way through the toughest opponents that her division could muster, yet has faced minimal resistance in the process. In fact, her talent level and skill set is leaps and bounds ahead of her competition, which has caused fans to discuss a potential meeting with her longtime nemesis Cris ‘Cyborg' Justino.

However, Cyborg is yet to successfully drop down to 135-pounds, and Rousey has shown little interest in crossing paths with the former Strikeforce champion at a catchweight of 140-pounds.

Her mother, AnnMaria De Mars, is in full agreement.

"What kind of sport makes up rules for one person?" De Mars said. "That's a bunch of bullsh*t. So no, she should not do drugs and she should cut weight. Why do people make up that stupid bullsh*t over and over? Why do you think the rules only apply to one person?"

The 28-year-old Rousey certainly needs a tough obstacle in her future, if only to remain motivated and competitively driven. While it is unlikely that any of the remaining challengers in the division are capable of dethroning Rousey, her mother believes there will always be another challenge that motivates her to better herself.

"There's always another challenge," De Mars said. "I was just telling her sister, [Rousey] won the junior world finals in four seconds and she said, 'How much better can I do than four seconds?' I said: 'Three.'"

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