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Lentz challenges Hornet to charity wager, tells translator to buy a dress

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On the heels of Levan Makashvili's heated allegations, Nik Lentz fires back.

Esther Lin

The day before Nik "The Carny" Lentz was scheduled to welcome newcomer Levan Makashvili to the Octagon on the UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch card, Lentz fell ill and the overseeing medical staff assessed him as unfit to compete.

Though Lentz was the third fighter to withdraw from a UFC event on short notice in the month of February, Makashvili and his translator accused Lentz of having ulterior motives in an interview with Bloody Elbow's Karim Zidan. In addition to deeming Lentz "one-dimensional", "undeserving" of his top-ten ranking and "cowering away" from the challenge, Lentz's withdrawal was claimed to be "a strategic decision from him and his team, since Levan will beat him."

Lentz, a former Division 1 wrestler at the University of Minnesota who presently boasts a 9-3 UFC record (along with one draw and one No Contest), has issued a response to Bloody Elbow, and one that's highlighted by quite a unique condition. Lentz's proposition in its entirety follows.

"Dear Mr. Makashvili,

I read the interview that you and your translator did about our fight that didn't happen. Although I'm under no obligation to, and don't stand to move up even a millimeter in the rankings by destroying an unknown such as yourself, I'm entertaining the notion of doing it anyway.

Here's my proposal: I'll fight you. We both donate 10% of our purses to the Wounded Warrior project. And If I win, your translator has to wear a dress to the press conference. It doesn't have to be Oscar-quality couture, but it can't be something from Target either. Something tasteful, but feminine.

Based on the outrageous level of confidence you beamed in that interview, I will look forward to your immediate agreement to the aforementioned conditions, or some backpedaling excuse to avoid the beating you're so foolishly clamoring for.

Your pal,

Nik Lentz"